Monday, 8 August 2011

My Best Friends Wedding Anniversary

My best friend Paula had her wedding anniversary last week and it was the ideal opportunity to taylor a card that i made to somebodys tastes.  My friend has fed back that she thought it was lovely and i was very touched by her comments that she gave me.  It was also really nice to pop round to her house and see my card on display and think to myself - I made that card! 

I used a Lily of the Valley image and coloured it with pro-markers, I mounted this onto coloured card and placed to the side.  I also embosed some lilac paper and mounted this to coloured card.  I wanted this card to be pretty but not too cluttered and so i cut a peice of coloured paper and used a border to the bottom of this paper.  I wrapped a piece of pink ribbon around the bottom of the paper and attached this paper to a folded coloured A4 sheet of lilac card.  On top of this i laid the embossed coloured panel and then i placed the coloured image lower down.  I contemplated doing a bow, but i was keen to use my newly aquired skill of making roses on a card that i was going to give to my own recipient rather than a card i had been asked to make for a friend. I stuck some pearlescent glitter to the edges of the flowers to give them an extra shimmer. 

I made my own sentiment for this card, which gave me the advantage of colour co-ordinating the pictures and the wording.  I cut this into a  circle shape and then combined this with a scalloped circle the same size in a contrasting colour and put little pearly drops around the scalloped cirlce to give it an extra pretty touch.

I know my friend loved it and it is so nice to hear good feedback for cards that i put time and effort into and i know that for the short time that my card is on display in my friends house that it will be looked on with an appreciation for the effort put in that only another card crafter can understand!!!!

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