Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oppps i stood in poo!

I saw this image and sentiment on Marlenes web site, which i often look at during my dinner time at work for a daily smile and often a chuckle!  I had to do a card with the image and dedicate it to my good friend Anne-Marie who always seems to see the lighter side of life.  That said she does not go around with an inane grin on her face just that she always seems to be able to put a smile on my face.

Anyways the image and sentiments can be found at the following blog: http://disguisedasagrownup.blogspot.com/

And here is the card showing the image and inside sentiment:

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ruby Wedding Anniversary card

This card took me ages!!! 

But i loved doing it!

This card is A4 sized, i decided to do a stepper card to make the card stand out from any others!  The card was made using A3 card that i made into a stepper card.  I covered the front face of the card with silver card and then i covered this with a deep red sheet of textured card, for the side panels i embossed a pattern onto these, onto these side panels i put 2 narrow strips along the side panels and glued small jewels.

I added champagne glasses to one side that i had coloured with promarkers and some glitter where the bubbles are.  I made my own sentiment for use on this card and i backed the sentiment onto a silver scalloped circle, and glues small deep red gems around the scalloped edge.

I put the image of a champagne bottle and coloured with promarkers and used gold glitter to brighten the image up.  I teamed this with a strip of ivory ribbon (i was planning to use ruby ribbon but the ribbon i bought did not match the card i had bought separately).  I handmade flowers and added red glitter to the red flowers and holographic glitter to the cream flowers.  The cream flowers were made using pealescent card which gave them a shimmer.

To link with this card as it was so large and tall with the flowers, i made a box to put the card into.  I topped the lid of the box with a paper and added some ivory ribbon and a ribbon onto the top of the box.

Surfer Card

I made this card for a work collegue who loves surfing, i used an image i have had for ages and i backed the card onto backing papers with a small strip of ribbon.

What cant be seen on the card is that a strip has been cut from the right hand of the card, the internal part of the card that you would write on, has a strip of dark brown backing paper the same as the circle of paper under the sentiment.

Sophia's Birthday card

A quick card using a template for the layout, its the first time that i have used a template and i am so used to layering up my cards on to contrasting backing card.  I am not sure if i am happy with the card and the colours are quite light in respect to the usual cards i have done.  I used a Kenny K image and papers from a pack.  I made a sentiment myself to go with this card as i love personalised cards.


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Birthday card!!!!!

A birthday card at long last, i have had a run of wedding cards and anniversary cards to do lately and i was so please when i had a request for a birthday card with the brief of red and reference to drink!

I really enjoyed doing this card as i love a bit of glitter and i had a chance to use my present from my crafting buddy (extra strong double sided sticky tape) which allowed me to ruffle my ribbon.  A newly found way of decorating a card.  I used some pva glue to put glitter onto the number 30 and i made my own sentiment.  The image was one i found on the internet, which i thought fitted the bill perfectly and was great fun to stick to a card.  I would of liked to of made her nose a bit redder due to the alcohol intake but my experience and number of shades in my pro marker range is limited!

Christening card.

To finish my evening off i also did a christening card that i had been asked to do earlier in the week.
When i got up this morning i felt it was lacking a little something and so i added some jewels down the side.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Kenny K wedding card

My Dad mentioned that he was going to a wedding next week and i foolishly volunteered myself to make a wedding card for him to take.  Knowing my Dad he would pop to a nearby newsagents on his way to the wedding and grab what ever is available.  I have therefore made my Dad a personalised card for him to take, which i am putting in the post for him today and i hope it makes it through the postal service in one piece.

I made the sentiment and the flowers myself, for the cream flowers I used pearlescent paper which gave the flowers a lovely finish without me having to use glitter.  I do love using glitter but it tends to get all over the rest of the card that i didn't want glittery!

My Best Friends Wedding Anniversary

My best friend Paula had her wedding anniversary last week and it was the ideal opportunity to taylor a card that i made to somebodys tastes.  My friend has fed back that she thought it was lovely and i was very touched by her comments that she gave me.  It was also really nice to pop round to her house and see my card on display and think to myself - I made that card! 

I used a Lily of the Valley image and coloured it with pro-markers, I mounted this onto coloured card and placed to the side.  I also embosed some lilac paper and mounted this to coloured card.  I wanted this card to be pretty but not too cluttered and so i cut a peice of coloured paper and used a border to the bottom of this paper.  I wrapped a piece of pink ribbon around the bottom of the paper and attached this paper to a folded coloured A4 sheet of lilac card.  On top of this i laid the embossed coloured panel and then i placed the coloured image lower down.  I contemplated doing a bow, but i was keen to use my newly aquired skill of making roses on a card that i was going to give to my own recipient rather than a card i had been asked to make for a friend. I stuck some pearlescent glitter to the edges of the flowers to give them an extra shimmer. 

I made my own sentiment for this card, which gave me the advantage of colour co-ordinating the pictures and the wording.  I cut this into a  circle shape and then combined this with a scalloped circle the same size in a contrasting colour and put little pearly drops around the scalloped cirlce to give it an extra pretty touch.

I know my friend loved it and it is so nice to hear good feedback for cards that i put time and effort into and i know that for the short time that my card is on display in my friends house that it will be looked on with an appreciation for the effort put in that only another card crafter can understand!!!!

Aniversary card well received

Well i didnt put my card into any challenges as i couldn't find a challenge that it fitted into, i did however get feedback this morning of how my card was received, and my friends mum cried when she opened the card.  I think it was so nice of my friend to of put so much thought into the card that she wanted even though it was short notice!!!  I am very happy that i made her Mum & Dad happy on their anniversary.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Handmade flowers and sentiment!!!!

I was asked yesterday, unbelievably for another anniversary card, thats 3 ive done in the last week! Considering i don't even give my own husband an anniversary card nor do i expect to receive one its suprising to me that so many people do give anniversary cards!

Anyways ... i was asked if i could do one at short notice (ie the next day) and i showed them the previous one that i had done which they loved, so i just replicated the basic style of the card and make another anniversary card but usig the colours that had been preferenced.

The card i made is shown below:

I used a Lily of the valley image, and coloured with promarkers.  I backed this on pearlescent paper, and then card.  I layered a basic card with green card which i covered with  pearlescent paper that i embossed with my new embossing folder! - Not that you can see any of it as i covered it all up!

I made the sentiment myself as i was struggling so much using digi sentiments and trying to edit them to suit me that i decided that it would be just as quick to make one up myself and then i have the advantage of being able to colour match the text etc.

I added a bit of ribbon and some hand made flowers, for the flowers that i made in plain coloured paper i added a bit of glitter with PVA glue, but i also made some flowers using the pearlescent paper that i had bought.  I was going to glitter these up to but i didnt feel that they needed it as the pearlescent give the flowers a nice shimmer. 

I thought maybe there were too many flowers on thecard but my friend loved it and said i was being far to fussy! 

I am going to look tonight and see if i can find any challenges that i can enter this card into - that is in-between making a card for my boss who i need to make a birthday card for tonight!!!!  Why dont peoplke give you more notice honestly!!!!!! She may just have top have a card from my stash!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Anniversary card

I was asked short notice last week to do an anniversary card for a friend at work and i spent 3 and a half hours of Wednesday evening producing the following card: