Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Digi Darla design team call

Digi Darla is having a design team call, wish i had the talent, but anyone reading this have a look and see if you are interested:

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saturday 12th November 2011

Trip to magic kingdom, took a few rides in and then back to the villa to enjoy the sun by the pool with a reese ice cream!!!!

Friday 11th November - Animal Kingdom

Relaxed start to the day, we went to Animal Kingdom for the day, quick trip to Walmart and then to Tracey and Lee's villa for a delicious roast beef dinner, and Pecan pie for pudding! 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thursday 10th November!!!

Back to universal studios today to do Universal Studios Florida, we had soem great character pics as they dont seen to get as busy as the Magic Kingdom by a long chalk.  Chloe got to see one of her favorite characters - George from Curious George.

The girls went to see the Barney show which Rhianna loved, not quite sure my girls knew who Barney was let alone his friends and the songs.

Aimee, and Rhianna went on the men in black with Steve, Tracey and Lee.  Chloe didnt want to go on this ride so we sat outside and waited for them to return.

We all went in to see the Simpsons 4-D show, Chloe got a bit scared in this one so i missed half of it!!!

We also went on the 4-D Shrek ride which was fun, i sat next to Aimee who was chuckling through a lot of it.

We went on the Jaws ride and i was actually quite impressed with how good it was.

We also went on the Disaster ride that was a bit over rated and a bit of a waste of my valuable time in my opinion!!!

Tonight we went to the Magic Kingdom, to see the castle in lights, it was quite spectacular and the girls loved the fireworks.  Chloe needed the toilet while we were watching the fireworks and i got lost with her on the way back.  As soon as i came out from the toilet i realised i had left my phone in my bag on the buggy back where we were stood and had no idea how to get back.  I had gone all over the shop this way and that to find the loo's  in the efirst place and hadnt given a thought to where i was going!  All was well in the end and Steve found us sitting on the steps at the town hall!!!!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday 8th November

This morning we are all up at 6.30 am bright eyed and bushy tailed, probably something to do with the fact that we have told the girls that they can wear their disney dresses to go and see the princess's today!

Saw 3 princess's, went and did some kids rides and came back to the villa as the heat was getting quite high for the girls.  We spent the afternoon in the pool with tracey & rhianna too.

Had some dinner and then out to the shopping emporiums, and a tac shop!!

Tuesday 8th November 2011 Universal studios

Today we set off at 8am and spent the day at universal studions, it was great and Steve and me even got to go on a couple of thrill rides!!! Unfortunately i lost the pics from today!  We went back out to Epson and watched the most fantastic firework display i have ever seen!  I recorded it but i think that as the video was so big i cannot link it.

Monday 7th Nov

 Two very tuckered out kids!!!!

Today we all went together to Magic Kingdom, we all went on splash mountain but Chloe has taken to getting a bit frightened of the dark and we are having to really encourage her to go on any rides even if they are gentle.  The girls had thier photo taken with the fairy godmother and Tiana the princess, and snow white.  For the afternoon we went to Typhoon Lagoon - it wasnt too busy and the girls loved it, especially the bucket of ice cream that the girls, me and Lee all tucked into.  The massive tidal wave ended up taking forever to come so pics of Lee getting washed away in the biggest wave ever is yet to come.  He is a braver person than that i can tell you!!

Chloe bought herself Chip and Dale, she loves them so much they are coming with us every day at the mo
Can't keep Aimee out of the pool!!!!

Oh my goodness, these ice creams are sooooo good!!! I could truley eat them all day.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Disney diary

I have decided to use my craft blog as a place to keep a record of my daily diary for my disney vacation.

Thursday 3rd November.
Traveled up to Gatwick in our faithfull astra, bless our little ole motor for getting us there safely.  The girls watched a few films but Aimee's screen decided not to work, we hoped this was not a sign of things to come luck wise!!!!
We met up with my husbands Sister and brother in-law and thier daughter Rhianna, the night before the flight from Gatwick as we had traveled up from Devon to stay over night, so that we would all be relatively fresh for the 9hr & 50 min flight on Friday!

Friday 4th November
This is my first time travelling further than Spain on a flight so slightly nervous about how well my 5 and 7 year old girls would be onsuch a long flight, i needn't of worried they were so well behaved it was unreal to be honest!

Then the lenghthy process of getting into the USA, i made a small boo boo and had left the wrong villa address on  the Esta form and got slightly flumoxed when the guy asked where we were staying as i had conflicting info!!! 

All good in the end just a bit of queueing - the car Steve had booked was not available so we were upgraded to a Jeep.

Saturday 5th November.
The first day was good, the morning was spend at approx 7.30 going shopping to get some food in the cupboards.  the early afternoon was spent by the pool.  Aimee constantly swimming up and down the pool,  with Chloe playing the role of the swimming instuctor!

For the afternoon we all went to get our first experience of disney, by tripping to the magic kingdom.  The girls all saw some disney characters and had a picture with chip and dale.  We were on our way home just about to leave when Chip and Dale chipmunks came through, Tracey said "Go girls, go" (or words to that effect), Steve started striding with Chloe, Tracey with Rhianna and Aimee got tipped out of the buggy that we bought for Chloe with me saying go on Aimee go for it!!!  The girls followed the characters along and all got thier pics taken.

Sunday 7th November
Today we went to hollywood studios,we went go and see the little mermaid show where steve lost his sunglasses that he had only just bought!!! Honestly men should really use handbags!
We had a lot of character pic opportunities yesterday and we all split up in the queues so that the girls would not have to queue, to be honest it was quite funny to have the girls running from one character to another and not having to queue up.   We all went on the tower of terror ride i was not overly keen as i dont like vertical drop rides very much, it was quite dark and i think Aimee was fairly scared, when we got off Chloe said she didnt want to go back on it!!

Chloe lost her 2nd baby tooth, which was sweet, what a better place to loose a tooth!

Afterwards we went to Walmart and picked up a float jacket for chloe and some swim goggles.  We were so late getting back from Walmart that Trac etc had all had a sleep and we had only just arrived back at the villa.  We stayed at the villa for the evening and Steve and Aimee were in the pool until the light had gone!!!

Monday 8th November
5am!!!!!!! Tracey warned me about this.... so we are all up and about with not a lot to do as the parks dont open until 9am.  That said we will be there nice and early to make the most of our day.