Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Christmas cards in September!

To be in line with the theme of me going christmas shopping on Friday i have put my collection of christmas cards on my blog!!!!

Recent card creations.

I haven't posted my cards on here for a long time and thought i should update my blog with some photos of recent cards i have made.

A general birthday card for my spares:

A card for my spares for a boys birthday:

A card for a work collegue's birthday:

A card i made for my best friends husband:

A commisioned card for a peppa pig fan!

An early card from my early days of card making for a baby boy:

A card for a boy, who loves guns?! 

A tatty teddy easel card:

A fairy card with lots of bling, after making the card i spent ages sticking small gems to the card to give it a real sparkle finish (i have made the pic so big so that you can see the bling.