Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thursday 10th November!!!

Back to universal studios today to do Universal Studios Florida, we had soem great character pics as they dont seen to get as busy as the Magic Kingdom by a long chalk.  Chloe got to see one of her favorite characters - George from Curious George.

The girls went to see the Barney show which Rhianna loved, not quite sure my girls knew who Barney was let alone his friends and the songs.

Aimee, and Rhianna went on the men in black with Steve, Tracey and Lee.  Chloe didnt want to go on this ride so we sat outside and waited for them to return.

We all went in to see the Simpsons 4-D show, Chloe got a bit scared in this one so i missed half of it!!!

We also went on the 4-D Shrek ride which was fun, i sat next to Aimee who was chuckling through a lot of it.

We went on the Jaws ride and i was actually quite impressed with how good it was.

We also went on the Disaster ride that was a bit over rated and a bit of a waste of my valuable time in my opinion!!!

Tonight we went to the Magic Kingdom, to see the castle in lights, it was quite spectacular and the girls loved the fireworks.  Chloe needed the toilet while we were watching the fireworks and i got lost with her on the way back.  As soon as i came out from the toilet i realised i had left my phone in my bag on the buggy back where we were stood and had no idea how to get back.  I had gone all over the shop this way and that to find the loo's  in the efirst place and hadnt given a thought to where i was going!  All was well in the end and Steve found us sitting on the steps at the town hall!!!!

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