Monday, 20 June 2011

Commisioned card for a wedding anniversary.

I have been asked by a work collegue if i would make a wedding anniversary card using one of the stamps he had seen on one of my previous cards.  I said yes and then found my inspiration totally gone!  Why is it when you are put on the spot your mind goes blank???? 

I stamped the lady that he had asked for and then scanned her in and enlarged her and made a few copies so that i could layer her up.  I also printed the sentiment and made a small cirle with the wifes name to personalise the sentiment.  I then printed a very floral background as i had been told that she loves flowers.... and that is as far as the card got for about 2 weeks as there was something about it i just was not happy with.  I picked it up again at the weekend very aware that this was hanging over my head and decided to change the backing paper.  What a difference - I managed to quickly russle a basic layout ready for me to put together into a card as soon as i get an evening free (fingers crossed i can finish it off tonight).

I will post some progress pictures and the final image as soon as i have finished the card - fingers crossed the work mate likes it!

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